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How do they move?

Major Shipping Ports in China

14 of the 50 largest ports in the world are located inside of Mainland, China, and another 2 are economically tied to China in one way or another. This means that 15 of the largest ports in the world are shipping cargo from China to all over the world.

Below, we have created a list with each of these major shipping ports in China.

  1. Shanghai, China

  2. Shenzhen, China

  3. Ningbo-Zhoushan, China

  4. Guangzhou Harbor, China

  5. Hong Kong, S.A.R, China

  6. Qingdao, China

  7. Tianjin, China

  8. Kaohsiung, Taiwan

  9. Xiamen, China

  10. Dalian, China

  11. Yingkou, China

  12. Lianyunguang, China

  13. Rizhao, China

  14. Dongguan, China

  15. Fuzhou, China

  16. Nanjing, China

Major Shipping Ports in the US

The United States has approximately 360 ocean and inland waterway ports. Finding the right port for cargo to be shipped from China requires identifying which of the larger ports are closest to the final destination. Mileage on water is oftentimes much cheaper than mileage on a road, so it is always beneficial to consider multiple ports and calculate the all included cost from each.

An experience China freight forwarding company like Guided Imports should be able to create this assessment for you, however, it is always helpful to have your own understanding of the top US seaports.

Major West Coast shipping ports:

  • Port of Los Angeles, California

  • Port of Long Beach, California

  • Port of Seattle-Tacoma, Washington

  • Port of Oakland, California

Major East Coast shipping ports:

  • Port of New York & New Jersey, New Jersey, New York

  • Port of Savannah, Georgia

  • Port of Virginia, Virginia

  • Port of Charleston, South Carolina

  • Port of Miami, Florida

Gulf Coast shipping ports:

  • Port of Houston, Texas

  • Port of South Louisiana, Louisiana

How Long Does a Container Ship Take to Arrive from China to the US?

Container shipments from China to the United States can take between 12 and 33 days, depending on where in China your goods depart from and where they are being shipped to in the US. Containers shipped to the West Coast take 12-25 days, and 24-41 days to the East Coast.

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