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Who wants to Cruise

For those thinking about taking a cruise it is still not all plain sailing, the US has issued an arrest warrant for the Crystal Symphony, a luxury cruise ship, and it’s now diverted from its original plan to dock in Miami and is making a play to the Bahamas, where it docked Saturday. A company filed a lawsuit trying to recoup $4.6 million in unpaid fuel fees for three of the ships owned by Genting, the operator of the Crystal Symphony which is currently having some cash problems, and a U.S. marshal is prepared to arrest the ship if it shows up into a U.S. port. The company reported a loss of $1.7 billion back in May, and its shipbuilding subsidiary went into insolvency earlier this month. There are passengers on the ship who were indeed planning to return from their 14-day voyage to Miami on January 22; they were told that they’d be diverting to Bimini, where Genting’s billionaire owner owns a casino and resort, and would be ferried to Fort Lauderdale.

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